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Things are moving along nicely. My Weasyl page is finally all set and up to date, and i took the opportunity while going through my gallery to finish cleaning it up. So that's done too, for now anyway. T'was nice to see just how much i've improved over the years. I also took a moment to rethink my commission prices/options, since i'm trying to drive my art towards a specific style instead of being all over the place like i used to be.

So, what's next? Well, being the derp that i am, i realized a ton of things that bug me about my characters while transferring pics. So now i have to make myself a new batch of ref sheets to amend these issues, and have something more up to date for them. I'm planning at least 4 refs, mayhaps 5 if i haven't gone crazy by then, so that alone will take me a while. Moreso since i also have to focus on an unrelated project. I wish i wasn't so talented at overwhelming myself.

-Commissions Update-
Coloured Sketch: 5~6$ (Depending on complexity, such as poses/extra details/etc)
Lined: +2$
Background: +2$
Extra character: +2$ per

As always, i'm willing to discuss/negotiate ideas and prices. I am open to most ideas, but i do know my artistic limitations. So do not be offended if i turn down something i do not feel capable of drawing. If unsure, i may offer a very rough sketch to serve as proof of concept for your approval before waiting for payment. Commission progress will be shown multiple times, to be sure of any tweaks/fixes you may wish for along the way. Don't be afraid to contact me if you'd like to ask anything. :D…

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XxBloodHazexX Jul 10, 2011   Photographer
Holy shoz. What has been going on with yourself?
chip-chipe13 May 4, 2011
chip-chipe13 Apr 1, 2011
Fatchaos Oct 19, 2008
Uh... I havn't heard from you for a while, and maybe it is just because I am an overly-talkative bastard, & you could just be a more quiet type, but how's life been holding up for you?

And are you possibly doing some projects anytime soon... :)

Btw, check my new stuff, I wonder what my comrades would think in the army if they saw them ;)
Creature71 Oct 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still around and doing fine, but i've been busy as hell again. I'll be moving in december (if all goes as planned), so i've been visiting houses, cleaning up and packing. Plus im doing a math course, plus Autumn and Halloween stuff, and plus Atlantica Online which i am absolutely addicted to. But i'll still have stuff to upload... eventually.
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